Friday, March 17, 2006

The Flock

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Hi, guys!

This is an original fractal image, heavily post-processed in Photoshop (of course!).

No time for a story today, but feel free to post your own if you're so inclined!



  1. I love this. It's beautiful. How do you do it?!!

    How long does it take to create these art works?

    I'm going to look at this one some more, and try and figure out what it means to me.

  2. That is indeed very cool!

    Reminds me of a "flock of alien crows", but I guess I'm just a closet geek!

  3. Holey Moley WJ you do extremely amazing things with photos! "The Flock" is just AHA gorgeous, like a rainbow of dreams! I also love the one architectural one below with what looks like rainbow windows. Gorgeous works!

  4. Hi, Snoo!

    I'm glad you like it! I haven't been able to reproduce this great balance of color and light on anything else, so this is REALLY one of my favorites (I say that about, okay, EVERY piece, but this time I REALLY mean it!)

    How long . . . You're gonna be SO sorry you asked!

    Well, they're all different, but this one was a pretty big project. I spent one entire evening (3 - 4 hours) creating the fractal. The next day, I spent another few hours getting the actual "Flock" together -- move that head up a little, that one down, just a t-i-n-y bit to the left or right with that one . . .

    At that point, I had the heads in place and the colors just the way I wanted, so I stopped for the day.

    The next day, I didn't touch the piece at all. I knew I wanted to try to show "subtle" movement so I just thought about how to achieve that and jotted ideas down with quick-sketches to illustrate. I definitely didn't want to do the old "movement blur" coming in from one side.

    The fourth day (it was night, really. I did OTHER stuff during the day. Yep, sometimes I actually do other stuff!), I sat at the PC trying out all the different "subtle movement" ideas I'd come up with. Like, Try this -- save file, try that -- save ANOTHER file! (Thank goodness for big hardrives and a DVD burner!) All I know for sure is I was finished before daybreak, so this session was maybe about 5 hours.

    So, how long? For this piece it was 10 - 12 hours + one day of thinking. Or, FOUR DAYS!

    It all balances out -- I did ALL of the windows (from the post, below) plus 5 that aren't posted, in about six hours!

    Wow, this got so long -- I should have saved it for a blog post!

  5. Greetings, TC,
    You said: Reminds me of a "flock of alien crows", but I guess I'm just a closet geek!

    I'm betting you're not that deep into the closet, as geeks go:
    A: You know your way around a camera;
    B: You know your way around a computer;
    C: There's a photo of Albert Einstein on your blogsite.

    Now, you MUST share your "alien crows" reference with the rest of the class. I don't get it and I'm very, very curious!

  6. Hey, Lynette!

    Holey Moley! I LOVE that expression!!!

    Thrilled to have you visit, as always, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed "The Flock." It looks simple, but was SO hard to pull off -- I'm pleased that it's "feelin' the love!"

    It's not a photo manip, though. It was born as a fractal, then given a new lease on life through Photoshop!

    " . . . a rainbow of dreams!" Another keeper! What a wonderful compliment! Thank you kindly!

  7. I agree with it being REALLY one of my favourites too. Until another great art work comes along, anyway!!!

    Strangely I'm pleased that such a lot of work went into it, I feel like such an amazing piece desrves all that thought and work. Does that make any sense???
    I want it to be just as complex in creation as it is in finished beauty.

    I'm going to risk another question!! How much was in your mind at the beginning, and how much was inspired by the fractal that was created?

  8. Morning, Snoo!

    Thanks for the astute questions -- I love explaining the work. Many people don't accept digital art as "real" art; they seem to think the computer does it! (Much like, I suppose, a paintbrush creates a painting.) So, the more opportunities I get to explain the process, the better!

    This piece was 100% inspired by the original fractal. I thought the fractal looked like an exotic bird's beak. The rest, as they say, is mystery!

  9. Very cool... I like to do digital art too. Do you use a Mac and I'm wondering what you use to generate fractals?

  10. True art is supposed to speak to the observer, correct? Well this speaks volumes. On the surface it speaks of chaos breaching order. The talons of uncertainly clawing at formulae. Rebellion against conformity. Yet it shows the, upon inspection, the misnomer of each. The chaos is but another form of order, and that rebellion is but a conformed process. The mystery is in the perception.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my site. Your images are beautiful! I'm heading over to your other site to explore.

  12. Shelly, thanks for visiting Art166!

    I use a PC and the fractal source of this image was created in Fractal Explorer 2. It's not the most sophisticated fractal generator available, but it's my favorite.

    I appreciate your interest!

  13. wow!! that's beautiful. I love fractals.

  14. Ozy,

    What beautiful, lyrical words! I'm honored to receive such a review. I appreciate the serious thought you afforded this image. Thank you!

  15. Hi, L.C.!

    Thanks for your kind comment, and I hope you enjoyed your exploration through the fantasyland of!

    I'm a decorating maniac, (and I have the RED living room to prove it!) so I can't wait to go back and pore over your archives!

  16. Ang,

    Thanks for popping in! I hope all is well with you and yours after Australia's recent BIG weather.

    My interest in fractals is actually what got me started in digital art. Unfortunately, I don't give a whit about the prerequisite math, and only care about the finished image. This cavalier attitude branded me as somewhat of a heretic on various 'fractal forums' around the web.

    I've moved further and further away from the "purity" of the fractal form, and now use fractals as a much-manipulated component of my other digital work.

  17. Sweet indeed, bookmarked and all keep it up

  18. Yay, look at all the comments you got!!! This one was popular!!

  19. Bob,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! I'm doing my very best to "keep it up."

  20. Morning, Snoo!

    Isn't it great? It's so exciting to have this piece seen by so many people! I've decided to hold off on a new post until this afternoon -- don't wanna lose the latecomers!