Friday, March 31, 2006

~ Moonrise

~ Morning Perspective

~ Destiny's Road

All from the "You Are Here" Gallery

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These images are now available at

They are conveniently offered in a variety of sizes, priced from $35.00 - $95.00 US, in the "You Are Here" gallery.


The Backstory -

This is me -- standing in the road.


  1. Snoo gasped as WJ's page opened. The energy of the images and the colour struck her. She opened each one and took them in.
    "I love what you've done with these" she exclaimed to WJ, grinning.
    "I'll talk more later" she said looking at her watch. "but right now, I'm off out for a curry. See ya laters" and she waved goodbye.

    (I'm not sure what just happened. wierd wasn't it?!)

  2. I like your photographs!

    Is the 3rd shot an image you ps'ed?


  3. Snoo, that was not weird! (Odd, maybe, but not weird . . .) It was great! In the 'fanfic' world, we call that a mini-drabble; you told a great story using less than 100 words. I really enjoyed it, so feel free to do it again sometime. No pressure . . .

    I'm glad you like my 'road' pics, as I know you're fond of standing in the road, yourself! Hope your curry was worth the trip!

  4. Hi, Nina, nice to see you here!

    Pics #1 and #3 are extreme manipulations done in Photoshop. All three of these photos were taken between 7-9a.m. I thought I could give them a sense of drama and mystery if I converted them to night shots -- so I did!

    The unexpected POV of #2 (achieved by kneeling in the grass and sticking my head, sideways, into the road) seemed dramatic enough, so all I did there was remove the multitude of power lines (torture!) and clone out a dead tree.

    Glad you like them!

  5. W.J. your last three works totally ROCK! I love the surreal dreamlike feeling of your landscapes. I want to step in there and live these scenes! Wow!! Gorgeous stuff!

  6. Really nice photos! You sure know how to play with your imagination! Are all those for sale? :-)

  7. Lynette said:

    "I want to step in there and live these scenes!"

    I say:

    Well, Lynette, my work here is done. You're welcome to pop into my dreamscapes whenever you like! Thanks so much for the great comment; the road pics are always my favorites! (Even though I nearly got hit by a BIG truck taking #3!)

  8. Talksmart, thanks for dropping by.

    You're right, I do believe my imagination inhabits about 75% of my brain!

    Yep, they're all (and many more!) available at:

    Go, browse, shop!

  9. HI :D!
    I just love those pictures!!! So green, lush, and inviting!! Really a great job. :D I am so sick of snow, brown - dead grass, and mud right now. I wish I could jump right into one of them.

    hope you're having a great day!!
    talk with you soon!
    p.s. by the way I would like to talk with you about how I could go about making some prints of that picture of mine.

  10. Stunning, images. Love the simplicity / vivid colours. Reminds me of a childhood dream, back before the roads were clogged up with traffic and 'cats eyes' hadn't been invented.

  11. Hi, Shilo,

    I'm so glad you like them! It was quite a trick to pull off cool moonlight on photos taken on a VERY hot and sunny summer morning!

    Go ahead, jump right in! Does anyone remember that episode of "Rod Serling's Night Gallery" -- this guy used to sit in the art museum, every day, staring at a peaceful scene of a rowboat on a cool, calm lake. His life is in turmoil, and he dreams of being in that boat and leaving all of his problems behind. At the end of the episode, his favorite bench in front of the painting is empty, but you can now see him, as part of the painting, relaxing in the rowboat. Spooky!

    I'll e-mail you in the next couple of days about your lovely picture.

  12. Hi, Johnny Jazz, (you know I can't type that without thinking of "Johnny Hates Jazz," one of my favorite "one-hit-wonders" bands!)

    I'm glad you like the pics. They were wonderful to work on! The photos were taken on the back highways of Texas, where the road just stretches out forever . . .

  13. Glad you don't think I'm weird!!

    These road pics are great. Very simple and engaging. I apreciate the "standing in the road-ness" of them!! You didn't get run over then?!!