Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's enemy is: Internet Scam Artists!

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the moron who left this pile of scam in my inbox. This is a Copy & Paste, exactly as I received it:


My name is mario from MINEASOTA,i'm making an enquiry for the printing that listed on your advert,i will like to start with just 7 to know what the quality look like and later buy more from you if am satisfy,so whats the price for 2 of and your mode of payment,if you accept moneyorder dont hesitate to email me your full name,contact address and cellphone to facilitate this transaction asap.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you. Moron.


  1. LOL! Oh is it Mario or Marion?? lmbo!! (you named him correctly with "Moron") :D
    After all those spelling errors they surprised me by getting facilitate correct. lol Oh, and how many people do we know that can't spell their home state correctly???? lol

    Thanks for making me laugh today

  2. You've gotta larf, aintcha?

    Sounds like Morion is one of those Nigerian refugees from E-bay who will pay you $1000 dollars for your phone if only you will let him launder his money in your bath.

    Don't think so!

  3. Hi, Shilo!

    Yep, I've gotta laugh, even though my first instinct was to kill! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Hey, Twisted,

    I can't believe these guys are still out there! There's gotta be a way to whack them . . . I mean, stop them!

  5. LOL I wish we could "whack" them. LOL Mario the moron forgot how to spell his name, hehe. My husband got one recently from someone named "Frank Bank" LOLOL!

  6. Very funny :)
    Although, not being from the the US, I have to admit I didn't pick up the state name spelling error.

    I shall begin learning how to spell them all lest anyone should test me.