Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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"Wednesday's child is full of woe."

I'm not really a 'Wednesday's child', but today is Wednesday and I am somewhat woeful.

We had a big weather change yesterday, with cooling temps (which was great) and severe storms (which was great for me, 'cuz I love storms, but not for everyone).

Unfortunately, the high winds kicked up a crapload of dust, and the precipitation left behind a ton of mold. The two things I'm most allergic to? Dust and mold! Consequently, this morning I've got a sore throat, sticky, runny eyes, and I'm coughing and wheezing and generally asthmatic.

In the words of Dr. John, "I need a breathing treatment."

Thanks for the great comments, yesterday; and a special, if somewhat dubious thanks to Jafabrit who created a special cockroach, just for me!

Ah, you shouldn't have! Really . . .

Darn, I just remembered -- I wasn't writing today, just posting a new pic! Maybe I'll do better, tomorrow!


  1. I'll take the dubious thanks LOL!
    Hey this pic is Magnificent. somehow I think of morocco, or of some middle eastern palace.

    Oh, hope you feel better.

  2. It's a very beautiful image, and I agree it does have the feel of Alhambra about it. I thought VERY expensive chocolate or Turkish delight tins of the collectable variety.

  3. I was really suprised to see your entry what happened to that grass cutting and other stuff?

  4. Hi W.J. this is beautiful! I hope you are feeling better. :)

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