Monday, May 29, 2006

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News of the day -

I just read that the highly deserving Dr. John is begging for comments, today. Please click here and leave him one! His blog is a humorous, dramtic and enticing daily read, and the chronicles of daily life in Pigeon Falls, with it's colorful residents, giant white rabbit, and the mysterious house on the hill, is not to be missed!

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Thanks for all the comments over the last few days, even when I wasn't here to respond.

You guys rock!

Today, manipulated fractals! These were created using Sterlingware and Fractal Explorer 2, and manipulated in Photoshop 7.


  1. That last one's extremely cool!

    Looks like a spider...coming to getcha!

    Thy mind is a maze, oh W.J. of the Christopher.

    May all thy fractals be painless and beautiful!

  2. I love the fact that with an active imagination these images could be of anything. The first image has an ornamental, oriental feel about it.

  3. love that first one the best.

    Take Care

  4. Hi WJ, have to say I really love the first one too. Looks sort of like paisley.

  5. Thank you, kindly, TC! My mind is to 'maze' as yours is to 'labyrinth'! Which, if you think about it, makes us both rather dense!

  6. Johnny, I count on you guys to bring your active imaginations with you when you come here, and you never let me down!

  7. Michael, thanks for stopping by, and for the nice comment. By the way, love your avatar! Your language skills are very advanced for your age!

  8. Thanks, 3C! You know, I hadn't thought of paisley. Now, I can't think of anything else!

  9. so i see we have the pleasure of Dr. John in common...that is why your name sounded so familiar...quite a beautiful one at that...
    thank you for your kind comment re: my pics...and like you i have trouble handling heat...and so it does get fun sometimes...

    I think i might have been here before. As i know i have see your beautiful pictures...Great blog..

  10. Thanks, very much for your kind comment, Chana! I'm glad you dropped by! I always look forward to my visits at 'the Fortress' (though, I don't get over there every day), and am really enjoying the "Pigeon Falls" series!

    Keep taking those pictures!

  11. Wow! You are quite talented!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog... I'll be back!

  12. Found from BlogClicker.

    I really like the road. When I saw it - I had an impression of a STARK white wall, with a series of the road, as it went through it's changes - in big canvas sized rectangles or squares - side by side.

    Very nice.

    The chocolate one, and the ones of your living room are pretty interesting too!

    Keep on working on PS.

    Have you got any good tips on PSP? I have PSP 8 and I'm having a problem with blending seams - (have 4 pics tiled, and can't seem to get rid of the pic seams.)

    If you do - my email is wagerwitchad at yahoo dot com.

    Enjoy working on this stuff - you're doing a great job!

    Wager Witch

  13. Thanks, Miss Lady! Glad to see you here! We're open 24/7, so you're welcome back, anytime!

  14. Hi, Wager Witch! I always enjoy seeing a new face around here! Thanks for your comment -- I'd love to display all four of the "Road" pics, together; but, my vision involves a small, white room, maybe 10'X10', with one large image on each wall. Maybe someday!

    Sorry, but I know absolutely nothing about PSP, and have never used it. My best advice is to scour the web for a tutorial that'll give you the info you need. Or, maybe, find a PSP forum and throw your question out to other users.

    I'll cross my fingers for you; I know how frustrating it is to be stuck on one little technique!

  15. Wow talk about jeweled fantasy fractals, W.J. these are outstanding and gorgeous eyecandy!! The last one reminds me of a spider too. Now I have to check out your Dr. John's blog. That giant white rabbit has me very curious! :)

  16. boy that first one is amazing. It is very complex and rich in detail and colours. I think of a balinese dancer and this is her headress.

  17. Good Morning!! more pretty candy for my eyes (which are still groggy from the weekend...) i think the last one looks like that diamond necklace I want...

  18. I never think of myself as artistic, except perhaps with words, but I certainly appreciate such beautiful images as you have created here.
    Thank you for sharing them.



  19. Thanks, Lynette! I'm glad you enjoy today's (oops, yesterday's fractal offerings. I love working with fractals. Against the advice of "fractal purists" I usually choose to manipulate mine after the fact, but, hey, that's just the kind of girl I am!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit Dr. John; hope you enjoyed it!

  20. Jafa!! DING DING DING!!! Give that woman a blue ribbon!

    The headress is exactly what I saw when this fractal form popped up! From that point, it was just a matter of choosing the gleaming finishes, tweaking the color palette, doing a little warping and Bob's your uncle!

  21. Karen,you survived your weekend! You're lucky if it's only your eyes that are groggy after the weekend you had planned! Heck, you probably deserve the diamond necklace, just for making it through!

  22. Welcome, Shirley! I'm pleased to have you venture into my colorful corner of the blogosphere! Your positive and very encouraging words are ambrosia to this artist's soul.

    Feel free to join us, anytime!

  23. The second picture lends itself, for me, to a religious interpretation. I see all those broken lives being attracted to the cross. Isn't it odd how different people see different things. Good pictures as always.

  24. Oh cool I get a blue ribbon :) big grin like a cheshire cat.

    The third one looks like a torture implement for the head. Never mind, been watching too many horror movies lately.

  25. Dr. John said:

    Isn't it odd how different people see different things.

    W. J. says:

    Good morning, Dr. John! You're so right; Art is a singularly personal experience, equal parts artist and viewer. I can spend hours or days obsessing over color, form, or texture, but only you can tell me what you see when presented with the finished piece.

    It's a truly magical phenomenon!

  26. "Never mind, been watching too many horror movies lately."

    Um, yes, you have . . .

    Go paint something!

  27. yes, must go and paint that toilet seat. I hate toilet seats.