Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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Coming soon to Art166.com.


"A man's gotta know his limitations."
~ Dirty Harry Callahan

Truer words were never spoken.

Did you ever have so much to do, that you were just paralyzed? That's where I am, right now.

Housework (major housework), blog-writing, blog-surfing, revamping the website, re-writing and mailing brochures, a front yard that looks worse than any other on the block, and gecko running wild in the kitchen that refuses to be captured or killed. I'm so intimidated by it, that I'm sleeping with all the lights and the TV on. If it were bigger (and slower) I'd go after it with the gun! With all of this, I still have to find an hour or so a day to create . . . something. And, to top it all off, it's Monday night, and I've already had one sick day this week.


So, in the interest of what's left of my tenuous sanity, I'm taking a break from blogging, net surfing, and 'creating' for the next seven days.

No blog-surfing (pointlessly chasing empty traffic. BlogMad, BlogExplosion, and BlogClicker will have to do without me for awhile), and no wordy, involved blog posts. No staying up all night reading fan fiction and following link after link after . . . well, you get the idea. Honestly, I'll probably still be up all night, but not at the computer! No spontaneous Photoshopping every time I get a 'bright' idea to try something amazing.

One week to live like I did B.I. (before the Internet). I'm a little nervous about it, but curiously excited by the prospect.

I'll stop by here every morning, to post some very fresh eye candy and catch up with any comments, but that's it! Time to prove that I'm not addicted!

Hopefully, when I return, I'll be writing to you from a fabulously clean house with a neatly trimmed yard out front (though that second one is kind of a long shot as it's high asthma season, and I'm allergic to most grasses). Hopefully, the changes I have planned for Art166.com will have been implemented, and quite a few new pieces will be on display and offered for sale. (They're already completed and ready to go.)

Keep an eye out for my new "Profondo Rosso" gallery, which will be stocked with dramatically RED images. I can't wait to get those listed!

I'm really curious to see how much I can accomplish with the hours I won't be on-line.

Time will tell.

Oops, almost forgot to mention -- I opened an account at "Flickr" this weekend. Why? Because it's got a very cool slideshow function! There's not much in it yet, but if you want to check it out, click the link in my sidebar, or go here:


Later, gators!

P. S. Did anyone catch Rick Springfield's live performance on the "Daytime Emmy Awards" Friday night? He totally rocked! I'm thinking 56 is the new 35!


  1. Wow, good for you!! Enjoy!
    And a gecko, that's a bit more scary than mice!!

    The un-named picture - It has a certain cage like feeling about it. But it also feels organic, with the shapes and colours of the middle bit reminding me of a bug's carapace. But it also reminds me of a staircase, a grand entrance. There's a thin tissuey leafy feel to the whole thing too, like the light is glowing from behind. But there's hope in this image. A kind of a striving for something good feeling.

    I love it by the way. That's it I'm done.

  2. Hope you have a great internet free week. Yes, blogging can be addictive LOL! I find I have to get it done and over in the mornings and then get on with the rest of the day. But sometimes the computer beckons and I scream in my head "no! no! don't tempt me,I must'nt". Do that with the fridge too. arg! life! such a torment.

  3. I know exactly what you mean- my goal today is to get my internet stuff done with & some serious work done around here!! good luck. we'll miss you this week.

  4. I am glad the all seeing eye has been replaced. But this picture feels like it could pull you in and zap you away. I suppose that's what pictures are all about, feeling. I will misss you for the weel. You levae such great comments and post such interesting pictures. But get the grass cut and the house cleaned amd enjoy life.

  5. You'll be back.

    You don't get away that easy - you know you're hooked!

  6. ps. I made a bug just for you.

  7. W.J. many hugs to ya! I was getting a little worried (seriously :) when I didn't see any new posts in your blog. (in a robot voice) Yes .. I .. am .. addicted .. to .. blogging .. too. ROFL you take a break and we'll be waiting for ya when you get all your things done and back on. LOL I saw the bug Alfreda made you and it's gorgeous!! :)

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