Thursday, May 04, 2006

- (click image for a larger view)

~ Houston Hardware 2

Coming soon to


In the interest of maintaining some modicum of credibility, I'll post a direct quote from this past Tuesday morning's blog. I wrote:

"I'lll stop by here every morning, to post some very fresh eye candy . . ."

I guess now we know who's actually reading and who's just scanning!

Now, except for a morning 'pic post', I'll see you guys next Tuesday!


  1. My, my, has it been seven days alraedy...?

  2. Ooo, it's like some scary pipe game, in Escher world.

    Omg! I've just worked out why I like your work so much!!

  3. That picture looks like my basement. In the intrest of credibility ,the art yes, but the script, no. Get back to that grass.

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