Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today's Pics -

Extreme photo manips of my living room!


Yesterday, Jafabrit posted this comment regarding my blue trees:

"I like that you make us see the familiar in a different way."

I thought about that for a bit, and the thing is, I'm compelled to portray things 'differently' because that's my general perception. Very few things seem really familiar or mundane to me. The world, mostly, is extreme and incredibly foreign (sometimes, in a very good way, sometimes . . . not so much).

My sister, Sharon, once commented that traveling with me was a nightmare, as "you have to comment on every blade of grass along the road." Well, d'uh! I mean, there's dew-kissed grass, grass drifting in the breeze, sun-baked grass, moonlit grass . . .

Friends have teased me about using the term "amazing!" so often. I can't help it; I'm so often amazed at the very existence of things! Color! Texture! Form! Emotion! Music! Words! All of it amazing, a hundred times a day!

Rather than turn this post into a rambling dissertation on "W. J.'s Reality -- Sublime or Ridiculous?" I'll admit that I am, indeed, a stranger in a very strange land, and my creative output reflects that.

Chemical imbalance?
Sleep deprivation?

Lucky me!


  1. That last one looks like a maze from a video's AMAZING!


    How you doin', WJ?

  2. WOW!!!!

    Your blog ROCKS - this stuff is beautiful!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. your red looks great. I like the bottom one.

  4. And I thought my living room looked weird.

  5. Your blog is a joy to read and a joy to see. I like that you play with words, that it isn't just grass.

  6. Beautiful fantastical manips W.J. ... and what you said:

    "Chemical imbalance?
    Sleep deprivation?

    LOL I think it's called being an artist!! It's your creative imagination coming out woohoo! :)

  7. I think it is great that you see so much wonder in the world. It is there to be seen, but so many people just walk right by...might as well have their eyes closed. Love your photos.

  8. TC
    I'm okay, TC. How you doin'? Don't groan -- you're allowed to be lame . . . once!

    Welcome to the Asylum, Monkey! Thanks, very much, for the compliment and encouragement! It's great to see a new face here -- and man, is yours a 'new' face!

    Hey, Karen! Well, as you know, a red room can make for some pretty cool photos. Hope you're enjoying living with your own red room!

    Dr. John
    Doc! And here I thought you lived in one of those tiny train villages!

    Thanks, Jafa! Coming from your creative brain, that means a lot! I'm glad you enjoy your stopovers, here!

    Thanks a bunch, Lynette! And, feel free to use the term "fantastical" here, as often as you please! Love it!

    Hi, 3C! You're so right; people are willing to ignore so much! There's no guarantee of time to look around later, so I choose to do it now! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to peek over your shoulder at the farm!

  9. But, but, that last one IS amazing though!!

    Wow, your living room is RED!!! These have an oriental feel, probably the colours.

    Yes, your insane. But in a good way!? Kidding. I'm the same. I don't know any other adult that stops to look at every ladybird!!

    Wonder is a gift.

  10. Snoo! Blogger seems to have dropped the response I left here about 6 hours ago, so, I'll try again.

    It went something like, "Of course my living room is RED! What else is there?"

    That's a HUGE paraphrase, but, there you go!

  11. It is those little details that really fills our lives. I'm a big fan of red so this particular collection is very appealing to me. #2 especially.

  12. Thanks, Tammi! You're so right; I try to see as much as I can! I love the red too, though I got a LOT of negative feedback from the family when I decided to go for it. Good thing none of them live with me!