Tuesday, May 23, 2006

~ Networked

~ Liquid Stone

- (click image for a larger view)

Coming soon to Art166.com.


The backstory -

I'm "calling in sick" today, (calling in sick to the Internet -- is that more funny or pathetic?), but was compelled to post something new, anyway.

Can't have you getting bored!

The first pic, "Networked", is a manip of my work area/virtual studio. Look closely, and you might make out a couple of computer towers and some speakers. There's a printer in there, too, but's it's harder to see.

The second pic, "Liquid Stone", (which I'm now wondering if I've posted before. It looks very familiar hanging here), is (was!) a bridge/overpass in Austin, Texas.


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I got Midnight too. I don't know why I love those quizzes so much.

    "Liquid Sonte" reminds me of Salvador Dali...Surreal (then again, most of your stuff is surreal.)

  2. Those pictures look like the world does when I hallucinate from the co2 build up. I didn't know you could take pictures of that.

  3. Hi, Tammi!

    Dali, wow! Now, there's a guy with "issues"! What can I say? "Surreal" works for me!

  4. Good morning, Dr. John!

    Sounds like your hallucinations are about equal to my reality. One of us needs some serious help!

  5. Ah, I knew it!

    The first one is the flight deck of the mother ship!

    Nanoo nanoo.


  6. More psychedelic images, the first one reminds me of a dream I had once when I was shrunk and tried to find my way around a mac cpu. The second, well a few too many absinthe before visiting my local art gallery and a dadaist exhibition :)

  7. These are so awesome W.J.! I saw and commented in your flickr. Network is a kaliedoscope of shiny metal, red velvet and jewels with black onyx! (I didn't realize it was your puter!) and Liquid Stone is like the portal to another dimension. Well I am definitely a Midnight person and always have been. Which reminds me of a funny old saying my hubby's Grandma used to say when he was young and stayed out all night: "If you hoot with the owls all night don't expect to sing with the birds in the morning" :) I've always enjoyed hooting!

  8. Hey - I'm sunrise- which is kinda weird since I ususally NEVER see a sunrise. have a good weekend!

  9. I am midnight too :)
    Love the first photo, very rich colours. I feel like it is an eye watching the world or something. A prettified big brother camera.
    Don't mind me, I seem to be into ugly or sinister things disguised to look pretty or beautiful.

  10. Ah, TC. I knew you were a "Mork, from Ork" kinda guy! Nanoo, nanoo, to you, too!

  11. Hey, Johnny. Well, the very fact that you can stomach absinthe, explains so much!

  12. Lynette! I love your description of "Networked". Lovely! I've been through that "Liquid Stone" portal!

    Grandma's saying is great. My grandma had a bunch of those, too. 'Course, I've always been a 'hooter' and a 'singer'. Ah, the joys of insomnia.

    Thanks for your comments on Flickr. I'm gonna run with Flickr a little longer, then decide whether or not to keep it up. I haven't seen increases in my website or blog hits because of it. How's your Flickr working out?

  13. Hi, Karen! Good to know you survived your crazy weekend!

  14. Jafa! I knew you'd be Midnight! Well, my PCs can definitely be sinister, on occasion. Too bad they don't look so pretty sitting on my desk! I've been considering a decopage treatment . . .

  15. they are both beautiful but i love the 'liquid stone'...beautiful done.

  16. and btw so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...hope things are better now.