Friday, April 28, 2006

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These images are not for sale; however, many other W. J. St. Christopher images are available at



These images were created using a fractal program called "Sterlingware." It's a great piece of software, and when I started using it, back in 2000, Sterlingware was available as a free download. These days, it's a $25.00 purchase.

I guess that means I need to treat my backup copy very gently . . .


  1. You have such a talent WJ!!

    The first one reminds me of diamonds, and liquid silver. And possibly travelling in time.

    The second one, I look at it more and more, and all these strange thoughts come into my head. It's a artificially created power source to act as, and with the power of a real sun. Two rings encircle it, generating a security net bubble. Either that or it's the entire universe inside the tiniest soap bubble.

    The third one is a map of an alien installation on a harsh desert planet. For sure!

    Beautiful. Thanks for the journey!

  2. I love that last one.

    Without wanting to pry, why are you not putting these up for sale? They certainly look very saleable (especially that last one).

    Did I mention I liked the last one?

    I'm gonna call it "Columbus' Compass"

    So there.


  3. First I thought I was looking at an all seeing eye. There was a time when programs to do this caused thousands of dollars. Before that you had to write pages of code to do it. I enjoy your use of the program.

  4. Anonymous9:55 PM

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  5. Snoo, thanks so much for the very beautiful and fanciful comment. What a kick it is to hear your thoughts on my images! You put your whole brain into everything you see. That's exactly what I hope for when I post a new (or in this case, old) piece!

    The moral of this story? Never leave home without your alien installation map!

    Thanks for taking this crazy journey with me!

  6. So, TC, am I to understand that you really like that last one? I had a hunch . . .

    Nope, you're not prying. (Though I'm sure it's obvious I'm the close-lipped, retiring type. NOT!)

    Here's the deal: I've got dozens (maybe, hundreds) of images that were created several years ago when I owned the world's slowest most obsolete PC. I had virtually no video capabilities, and, maybe, 128mb of SDRAM, running Windows 98.

    Consequently, those old images were rendered in small sizes and very low resolution. I could get a so-so print up to about 8"x10", but no bigger. I've got a lead on a photographic printing process that could possibly print them in "saleable" sizes, but it's a VERY expensive process, and it's unlikely I could recoup the printing cost.

    I do love these fractal images, and am thinking of making them available as "ACEO" collectible cards, but haven't decided on that, yet.

    So, TC, another wordy, involved, answer to your a question!

    Aren't you glad you asked?

  7. Hi, Dr. John,

    I actually began working with computers back in the "code and DOS" days. I remember walking down the hall and feeding 10" disks into a CPU that was the size of my car! Oh, those were the days . . .

    Were I a psychiatrist, I might think your "all seeing eye" indicates you're feeling guilty about something.
    C'mon -- spill!

  8. I love these images, in case I didn't say before!!

    By the way, my comments are all your fault, I can't help it!!!!! Ha ha!

  9. My fault? Poor, little me???
    is it too late to claim total innocence?

  10. Sorry, you are totally guilty of creating fantastic pieces of art.

  11. I like the middle one best, it is magical to me.

  12. Snoo, would it be arrogant of me to change my plea to, "Guilty"? (okay, okay, I'm being facetious . . .)

  13. Thank you, Jafa! Wow, it's pretty great to hear that someone sees your work as "magical". I really appreciate that!

  14. You'll get the wet fish treatment if your not careful WJ!!

  15. There is something very eerie about these three pictures. I think I have seen them somewhere else a long time ago. The third one does seem very "alien" as the first comment says. That's what I thought have immediately.

  16. These are all 3 gorgeous W.J.! The second one reminds me of the '60's kind of psychedelic and very cool!

  17. Welcome, Don!

    Well, "eerie" is my middle name! Two of them were posted, a couple of years ago, at ''. Any chance you're a member over there?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Thanks, Lynette, but there's no way I know anything about the 60's -- or the 70's! (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)

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