Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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From the "Yesterday's Trees" Gallery

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A day or so ago, over at Dr. John's Fortress, the good docter lamented the abundance of birch trees showing up in photo-blogs. His post, of course, inspired me to post trees, today! Hope you stop by, Doc!

The Backstory -

Last summer, I fell in love with and purchased my lovely, little Canon 5.1mp, "pro-sumer" camera. The "pocket-sized" User's Guide? 185 pages. Yikes!

I figured out pretty quickly that the only way to learn to use the new camera, was to get out there and use the darn thing.

Enter Joe and the b-i-g Dodge truck. On the itinerary -- a 90 (or so)-mile drive to beautiful, and oh-so-picturesque, Garner State Park.

In the park, the Frio River nourishes about a zillion tall, stately Cypress trees. These wonderful trees grow right up to the water's edge, and I dare you not to reach for the camera! I sure couldn't resist!

Joe took an hour-long "power nap" in the truck, while I walked along the river, talking to strangers (kids, don't try this at home!) and shooting everything in sight. It was about 100 degrees F, and the sun was crazy-hot; the tops of most of my fingers and both of my hands were sunburned from holding up the camera. It seems there are limits to how much protection you can wring out of SPF-45 sun block! Who knew?

When the 128SD card was filled (the only one I owned at that time), I went back to the truck to transfer the pics to the laptop. Of course, I had to wake Joe to let me into the truck; it seems that diesel engines don't mind idling, indefinitely, even with the A/C running full blast, while someone gets their mid-day beauty sleep!

I dumped my pics, Joe decided that a longer nap could only be a better nap, and I, happily (or, perhaps stupidly) went back to work.

Learning to use a high-tech camera -- my personal digital baptism by fire -- and I had the peeling knuckles to prove it!

P. S. You guys played together so very nicely while I was away on Monday. I'm so proud!


  1. Absolutely stunning images - I am loking forward to returning to browse some more!

  2. Those are not birch trees so they are okay. In reality they are better than okay. I might even learn to like trees. But then again it may be just that your so good with the camera.

  3. WJ - I simply do not have enough words to express how much I love the first photo. It pulls at my heart. I can stare at the photo, then lie back and close my eyes, and I'm there. Thankyou for that.
    (I'll try not to get sunburn)

    The second one looks lush and verdant. What creeps amongst those trees in the dark?

    The third one looks like it's being lit by 2 alien suns. (ya might need spf-1000)

  4. Hi, bond,

    Thank you very much, and I certainly do hope you come back. There's lots to see. You've got some great photos on your site, too!

  5. Good to hear from you, Dr. John!

    Glad to know my trees didn't impact you in a negative, "birchy" way. I hope you're well today, and thanks, very much, for your comment!

  6. Hi, Snoo!

    "Yesterday's Trees" is one of my favorite shots -- ever! I'm so glad you like it! Despite the horrific heat of that day, the little path running under that group of trees was quite shady (not cool, but shady). This was my first up-close exposure to Cypress trees and they are wonderful!

    On #2 - I refuse to contemplate anything creeping amongst anything in the darkness! In Texas, that's always way to real a possibility!

    #3 - I'd never live anywhere that had two suns! I can barely tolerate one!

  7. The first image is mesmerizing.

  8. Of course you probably know by now, W.J., that I'm going to say that the first picture looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings.

    I like it a lot.

  9. Some very evocative images WJ, my favourite kind. I'm looking forward to your next batch.

  10. TC - it does!!! Your right!
    It does have a rather elvish feel come to think of it.

  11. Thanks, Ozy,

    I love this photo and am glad to see the positve response it's received! The cool, dappled light was perfect under these trees -- and it shows!

  12. TC & Snoo,

    Luckily, there wasn't an elf in sight. It's unlikely their little elven bodies could have survived the afternoon heat! There is something magical about it, isn't there? (This is me, momentarily casting humility aside!)

    Thanks, guys!

  13. Thanks, John!

    I very much appreciate the comment! Coincidentally, there's always a "next batch"!

  14. W.J. I was trying to think of a word to describe your beautiful work and 'extraordinary' is the word!! Your trains are awesome but "Yesterday's Trees" is out of this world!

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