Wednesday, April 19, 2006

~ Irrigated - Airspace

~ Irrigated - Busy

~ Irrigated - Extreme

- (click image for a larger view)

These images are available at

They are conveniently offered in a variety of sizes, priced from $35.00 - $95.00 US, in the "Unexpected Hardware" gallery.


The Backstory -

I've always lived in the city and, until last summer, had never seen one of these huge irrigation systems.

I was, inexplicably, amazed and intrigued by them.

Go figure . . .

If dreams come true, someday I'll see these, in large format, hanging in the lobby of some agricultural equipment manufacturer. Or in a sleek, contemporary, industrial-designed living space.

If you love them, you can purchase them, here.

If you're (inexplicably!) intrigued by them, you can read more, here.

I'm watching:

"Days Of OUr Lives."

Yes, it's a soap opera. Yes, it's horrible. I offer no excuses.


  1. It could be worse. I found myself watching The Flavor Of Love...

  2. Oh, no! There are some places I just won't go! "Flavor of Love" is one of those places . . .

  3. I like extreme irrigation. very cool how you take an everyday object and make it interesting.
    As for soap opera's, I spent the first 10 years in america watching "all my children" lol! I found american soaps fascinating, so different from brit soaps.

  4. Amazing work once again. I love the richness and texture you always bring to your work.
    I know what that last one is. It's a wormhole accelerator tunnel. Yup, sure is! (WJ your standing in the middle of the road again though! Wanna get run over a 1000 miles an hour?)

  5. Hi, Jafabrit,

    See, that's the thing -- I'd never seen one of these before! To me, this was a very exotic, unexpected find; I felt like Indiana Jones!

  6. Snoo! I have one question: From the photo I posted, how could you tell I was standing in the road when I took it? Of course, I was, but what gave it away?

    I took some great "standing in the road" pics last week. Can't wait to work on them!

  7. I love your pictures. The farm down the road from my house has those in the field. I never thought of them as photo material. You never fail to amaze me.
    I watch All My Children because it comes on at lunch time. ( Don't tell anyone)

  8. Thank you kindly, Dr. John!

    If I lived down the road from these, I'd have taken a thousand photos by now! Joy! I've found that most things are photo material; most things are amazing! My "inner child" is very easily intrigued!

    Oh, and about All My Children -- that's just between us. I'll never tell . . .

  9. my uncle farmed a lot of land in Nebraska, and the first time my husband went there (probably before we were married!) with me, he was blown away by the irrigation. of course, I'd grown up with them, but here in Illinois you hardly ever see one. He got the full tour, naturally. I'll have to show him these. my uncle loved it when we'd come out- Darin probably would have bought that farm when he died several years ago if I'd have let him. but the house was haunted... and its in nebraska, and...
    hey, no prob about the tag! I'm awfully easy going (as long as you aren't related to me!).

  10. Ha ha!! Were you really in the middle of the road!?! That's funny! I just had a feeling.

    I don't know many American soaps, but I did once get hooked on Sunset Beach, super wobbley sets and ridiculous story lines that they could stretch out for months!

  11. Stunning pictures, as always! But I wish I had one of these to water my lawn.

  12. I just want you to know that I think you are an amazing artist.

  13. Karen, I knew I couldn't be the only one! Your Darin sounds like a brilliant and discriminating man!

    How the heck could you pass up the chance to live in a haunted farm house? I'll bet you could have gotten some great photos . . .

  14. Hey, Snoo. Yep, I was most definitely standing in the road. The irrigation thingie (yes, I believe that is the technical term) was pushed right up against the fence. I kept backing up to try to get it in frame. Sure enough, I had to back right into a two-lane highway! Luckily, all the big trucks were elsewhere!

  15. Hi, JM aka John!

    Lucky me that you were bored, today! I very much appreciate the space and kind words you gave me over at your place, and I'm thrilled to know you've been peeking in here!

    Really, you made my day!

  16. Christopher,

    What a great compliment! My sister teases me that "amazing" is my favorite word, but it's pretty awesome (another favorite!) to have that word aimed toward me!

    I'm glad you enjoy the work I post here, and hope to see (read that: hear) you again. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Just got sent to your site for the first time. Your work is quite a treat. I'll be back.

  18. Awesome works W.J.! Hey it could be worse, you could be addicted to both Days of our Lives and Passions which comes on after it. But the good thing is I can watch them both once a month and not miss much because they drag the stories on forever LOL!

  19. I just realized what the first couple ones reminded me of, the old fashioned Wright brothers airplanes! Very cool!

  20. Thanku for sharing your art and lofe
    My sight is gone but my art continues I live in chicago My dad was a Pensy agent and trains are interesting to me.
    Irving From Chicago in a cave

  21. Welcome, CAV!

    I'm certainly glad you enjoyed your visit! We're a friendly bunch, here, and new works are posted often, so please do pop back in!

  22. Happy weekend, Lynette!

    Thanks for the comment! You're right about the soaps -- I usually tape them and then FF through. It's amazing how quickly you can zip through an hour when most of it's commercials, flashbacks, and filler!

    Good catch on the Wright Brothers reference. "Irrigated - Airspace" was directly influenced by them. If you read the backstory on "Da Vinci's Nudge," you already know I've got a thing for early aircraft design!

    If anyone's inerested, here's that link:

  23. Irving, I'm very pleased to see you here! There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing my work with people who enjoy it. You've either stepped out of your cave long enough to visit me here, or you allowed my art into your cave for a moment. Either way, I'm glad you did! Hope to see you again!

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