Saturday, April 22, 2006

~ One Flower

~ Many Flowers

~ Definitely NOT a Flower!

- (click image for a larger view)

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The Backstory -

Okay, I accept that my work is not to everyone's taste.
Recently, one of my sisters spent about two minutes flipping through my portfolio. She looked at me and said, "Don't you do anything pretty? Don't you do flowers? This (she was commenting on "Sweet Hearts") looks like someone threw up!"

Well, thanks a bunch, sis!

The not-so-subtle irony? "Sweet Hearts" is a manipulation of, yep, a huge display of roses! Hey, I can do flowers! But, sometimes, you just need to see a purple cow!

Aw, everybody's a critic.

Luckily, I've received very positive and encouraging feedback from the majority of my blog visitors and website viewers. What a relief to know there are so many open-minded people out there; creative, imaginative people who are willing to stretch themselves far enough to embrace the unfamiliar, contemplate it, and possibly, accept it for what it is.

A special "Thank you!" to those who've given my work very public, and very much appreciated, kudos on their own blogs and websites!

Gosh, who knew there'd come a time when I'd receive better reviews than Julia Roberts?

Go figure.

I'm listening to:

The delectably C.O.O.L Michael Buble, singing "Feeling Good." Follow the link, click the green "Watch" button, sit through the commercial, then click the purple button to see a snazzy-retro-spy video.

I hope this works -- I can't find an active code to simplify the process. Think I'll go test it, right now!

EDIT: It worked for me (on any number of levels)! Hope it works for you, too!


  1. I thought of an old poem when I saw the picture:
    I never saw a purple cow.
    I never hope to see one.
    But I's like to tell you now.
    I'd rather see than be one.
    Now I've seen one so it no longer applies.
    As usual I enjoyed the pictures.

  2. your cow is the biggest reason (not including money) that we didn't 'buy the farm'- it was a dairy farm. while I like cows just fine, if I'm going to own them, they're gonna be big juicy steak cows.
    hey, I love me some Michael Buble! and I think your cow is pretty!
    no cable? see, you probably have much more of a SOCIAL LIFE than I do-
    p.s. I DID see the ghost once, too-

  3. W.J. heck I can see flowers every day and your flowers are lovely but now a PURPLE COW is something worth seeing LOL I love this one!! :) She has such a sweet expression on her face too!

  4. Yeah, the purple cow's good.

    Who needs pretty?

  5. Oh poo, I get that a lot. Why don't you do something pretty? I don't do it on purpose. I do love the one flower (see I do like pretty). the purple cow has this look as if to say: "err, excuse me I can be pretty cool toooooo, I ain't just a piece of meat".

  6. I love what you've done to poor Ermintrude!

  7. Dr. John,

    I know that poem; it's by Gelett Burgess! I used to read it to my kid. That one, and his other favorite, "The Man Who Wasn't There" (which, to this day, creeps me out).

    We'll you've seen a purple cow, but you never know when you might be one! Glad you liked the pics. Here's my favorite Purple Cow:

    Welch's Purple Cow

    Welch's Purple Grape Juice
    Vanilla ice cream

    In a 12 oz. glass, combine two scoops of vanilla ice cream with chilled Welch's Purple Grape Juice

    This is so easy, even I can make it. And, yum!, it's good!

  8. Hi, Karen!

    Ah, a dairy farm, that explains it. Well, I'm glad you like my cow, and you're right, Michael Buble is pretty! Oh, wait, is that what you said?

    Social life!!! What's that? Nope, there just came a day when I had to choose: Cable TV or medication? Cable TV or lights and gas? Cable TV or groceries? I chose to feed the disease instead of my rampant TV addiction. That was seven years ago, but I still miss commercial-free movies, HGTV, and the Discovery Channel. Ah, well . . .

  9. Hey, Lynette,

    She was a very placid cow. The rest of the herd took off as I approached the fence, but she just stood there, looking me right in the eye. A little Bovine Diva!

  10. TC, glad to see you've escaped from the shed!

    I like pretty; I just happen to think a purple cow is pretty!

  11. Hi, Jafabrit! Well, I don't do it on purpose. I just happen to think a lot of my work (and the work of many other non-realist artists) is pretty. On the other hand, I realize that many people don't. No problem. I truly believe there's someone to appreciate every piece of art that's created. Even if the piece looks like someone lost their lunch. Can you say, "Jackson Pollock"? How many millions???

  12. Hey, JohnnyJ!

    A year or so ago, wasn't there a movie being made about Ermintrude and her friends? I only remember reading that because two of the voices were being done by Robbie Williams and Ray Winstone -- two of my very favorite guys from across the pond!

  13. Oh that purple cow recipe sounds so goood! I've got to try it when the weather gets hot. Hey W.J. I saw your e-mail last night, that is awesome that someone posted your work in their blog and gave a link to you. You are getting lots of fans besides me. I sent you an e-mail reply, I hope it went through OK. I also wanted to tell you now I know what the irrigation system you did looks like. It reminds me of the Wright brothers first airplane, cool!

  14. I needed that purple cow. So glad your here to show us these things!! I might never get to see one otherwise!

    That flower is oh so pretty. I like.

    And those roses, well, they're very, um, girly and well, pink. *shudders*
    I get scared of too much pink flowery-ness. Purple cows are much easier to deal with!

  15. Snoo,

    I'm glad the Purple Cow is to your, um, taste! The hibiscus flower you like is the only plant currently in bloom in my garden. When I planted it, I was told it would grow to be 6 - 8 feet tall. Well, We're at about 12 feet, and counting, and it's full of blooms right now!

    Pink, girlie things? Well, I'm a walking contradiction -- don't care for pink, but do like "girlie" things and Zombie cows and power tools, too! In the scary place I call my brain, there's room for a little of everything!

  16. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I think Sweet Hearts is beautiful. It reminds me of stained glass.

  17. Thanks, Tammi! I appreciate that. It's one of my favorites -- which explains why I've done more than a dozen variations of it!