Monday, April 24, 2006

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Pop Quiz -

My guitar is hanging, innocuously, in its usual spot.

What do I do?


  1. Melt it and turn it into liquid guitar? Hehe!

    That last one looks like a wood carving.

    Oh, and I just knew you'd have a guitar!

  2. The third picture down looks like the picture my wife took of the grandkids. She seems to have shaken the camera a bit.

  3. Love that first one.

    Cosmic guitar, man.


  4. Snoo!

    Doesn't everybody have one? Well, I don't have it anymore, but that's a story for another day . . .

  5. Hi, Dr. John,

    I suggest that your wife print it up and sell it as an abstract! The grandkids will be artistically immortalized!

  6. Thanks, TC!

    How did I know "groovy" would still be in your linguistic repertoire?

  7. hi there- I was here yesterday, but too Ill to leave comments LOL. not ill from the artwork, of course. these actually look like what they are.
    still waiting on the frame shop to call me- I really need instant gratification, especially at the ridiculous prices they are charging me.

  8. Change the guitar's perspective. She may want a new point of view.

    BTW, my favorite is the 3rd in this set.

  9. Karen said:
    not ill from the artwork, of course.

    I say:
    Whew! Karen you had me worried for a minute!

    I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather, and hope you're feeling better today! Hope it's not the framing situation making you sick!

  10. Hi, Tammi!

    Occasionally, everything benefits from a change of perspective! I've gotten some pretty positive response on that third piece. Glad you like it!

  11. Wow, some far out 'axe' manipulations. I'm in a jazz phase myself, so I kinda 'groove' to the last image, But then I'm a Bill Nelson / Be Bop Deluxe fan, so I'll always be an 'Axe Victim'.

    If only I got off my backside and learned to play 'Winona'. I really ought to know more than 3 chords by now :)

  12. Wow!! The first one made Jimmi Hendrix pop right into my head, it's so psychedelic cool!! and the last one reminds me of a guitar butterfly, these are awesome W.J.!

  13. Hi, John!

    Hey, it's not that you're a slow learner, it's just that you're savoring the learning experience!

  14. Thanks, Lynette!

    If I pretend not to know who Jimi Hendrix is, does it make me seem younger? Guess not.

    Glad you like 'em!

  15. LOL W.J. I can't say anything since I'm old enough to remember what it was like growing up in the '60's hehe! :) :)

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