Saturday, April 15, 2006

~ Exhibition 1

~ Some Saturdays

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The Ultimate Backstory -

Thought I'd post a little fractal-based eye candy for the Easter weekend!

"Exhibition 1" is the piece that started me down the path to digital addiction.

Several years ago, I dreamed that I was in an art gallery, walking down a long, white hallway. There were large -- 4' or 5' wide -- framed images mounted, and very evenly spaced, down the length of this long hallway, as far as I could see.

I stopped in front of a glimmering, silvery piece to read the artist's label. Surprise! My name was on the label! In fact, my name was on all the labels, along with info about them being created with the use of a computer!

I ran up and down that hall, looking at every piece, until I woke up -- smack dab in the middle of an asthma attack! I often wonder if the lack of oxygen to my brain caused all those vivid images to appear in my dream . . .

That very morning, I starting researching "digital art" on the Internet. I downloaded several free pieces of software, and eventually purchased Photoshop Elements 2. During that first year, I worked my way through everything I could get my hands on: a dozen demo programs, digital "painterly" effects, add-on filters and plug-ins, every sort of fractal, then started scanning in my own photos to try different manipulation techniques.

At some point during the second year, and after several miserably failed attempts, I was able to create "Exhibition 1" which is as close to the silvery image in my dream as I'll probably ever get.

I rarely sleep more than a couple of consecutive hours, but I guess that's plenty of time to stumble across a road less traveled!


  1. WJS, your manipulations astound me. I'm only just groping my way around photoshop, an overwhelming and amazing app.

  2. A great picture of the universe as seen in a dream. I do enjoy your creativity.

  3. Hey, WJ.

    How's Easter going for you?

    Love those two pieces.

    What kind of printer do you use to do justice to them?

  4. I always trust my dreams :) It certainly led you onto a new journey and a very interesting one. Love "Antiquity's Gold", actually it is hard to choose, so many I like :)

  5. Hey, Johnny jazz!

    Four years later and I'm still stumbling around in Photoshop! Some days the balance shifts towards me, but other days, it's all uphill! Someday, soon, I'm planning to post a bunch of helpful PS links. I'll let you know when they're up!

  6. Good morning, Dr. John!

    I'm certainly glad you enjoy your visits here! You're always welcome, even when I'm posting trees!

  7. Hi, TC!

    Easter was great! Hope you had a good one, too!

    Glad you love the fractal-based pics!

    All of the large pieces that I sell are outsouced to these two printers: for my metallic-looking pieces (they offer printing on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper, which is awesome for some pieces). MPix only prints up to 20"x30", though.

    For larger poster-sized to huge prints (most of my sales) I have my printing done at They offer archival inks and papers (low gloss & matte) with UV protection. They're not cheap, but the quality is beautiful! Here's a link:

    I use a Canon Pixma IP4200 at home, which uses inks rated for 85 years (under glass & away from sunlight and humidity and printed on acid-free photo paper). It does gorgeous prints, and I'm thinking about using it to offer small-format work (8X10 or smaller).

    Now, TC, aren't you glad you asked?

  8. Hi, Jafabrit, good to see you back!

    I'm frequently at my best in dreams, so I never discount them! There's no need to choose -- feel free to like them all! Have you browsed through, yet? I'm getting ready to make extensive changes there, in about a week . . .


    And 'ere woz me eggspeckin' summat loik HP 123ABC!


  10. tc sums it up...Yoiks and WOW! I feel like I can crawl into these.

  11. Those are really pretty!

  12. W.J. these are just gorgeous! "Exhibition 1" really is like something so incredible looking that you can only see in a dream or vision. A silver and mother of pearl dream! So beautiful!

  13. Your story is amazing, you were 'meant to be' a digital artist I think!! Certainly the strangest way to start a new hobby!!

    These pics look so 3D it's strange. They're coming out the screen. I feel I could reach out and touch them.

  14. TC, be careful what you ask for . . .

  15. Hi, Tammi!

    Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to crawl right on in! Glad you like 'em!

  16. Hi, Lynette! Thanks very much! Wow, wouldn't it be great to actually see it in silver and mother-of-pearl??? That idea boggles my mind!

  17. Hey, Snoo!

    You're right. My dreams have led me down more than one unexpected path. I guess you take your motivation where you find it!

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