Thursday, April 13, 2006

~ A Death of Coil

~ Dodge Depths

~ Zombies on the Hoof

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The Backstory -

Here's a sample pack from Tuesday's impromptu road trip.

The Simple Plan:

Joe and W. J. head into the wilderness to photograph wildflowers.

The Reality Check:

We took a wrong turn on the road to Bastrop.

The wrong turn enabled us to see a herd of the scariest cows on the face of the earth. When I took a step closer, the herd took a step back. The plan for getting as close as I wanted to be involved me jumping the fence and chasing them down. After contemplating things like very fresh manure, giant flies, and cows that looked and sounded like "The Herd of the Living Dead," I decided I was close enough. I'm pretty sure if I'd jumped that fence, I'd never have been seen or heard from again.
W. J. St. Christopher -- Mad Cow Fodder!

Joe's camera took a heart-stopping tumble. (But seems to have survived!)

The truck's A/C went on the fritz.
(Which is why I now have photos of Dodge guts!) Luckily, the weather stayed mild all day.

I ate fake ice cream swirled with Oreo bits. Yum!

This was a most excellent road trip, as road trips go, and I've got 120 photos to prove it! Of course, you've already seen three of them!


  1. I must be hungry this morning. Your old springs looked to me like breakfast roles. I love your pictures as they let me see things in a way I've never seen before. The mad cow story was fun too.

  2. Dr. John said:

    "I love your pictures as they let me see things in a way I've never seen before."

    W. J. says:

    Thanks for a wonderful compliment, Doc! I've always looked at the world (and beyond!) through somewhat "odd" eyes, and am thrilled to be able to share that. I'm so glad you take the time to visit!

  3. More awesome photos W.J.!!! Your zombie cows looks normal at first glance, but on closer look they are extremely spooky looking. I think it's the black hole sockets of their eyes! what u said: "I've always looked at the world (and beyond!) through somewhat "odd" eyes, and am thrilled to be able to share that." W.J. I'm thrilled and thankful that you do, you have the eyes of an artist and you make ordinary things in life extraordinary!! How cool is that?!!

  4. Nice pictures, The first picture of the rusted springs I thought were cinamon rolls, two sons thought it was an octopus or snake.

    I also like you anitquity gold pictures

  5. Thank you, Lynette!

    That is a beautifully worded comment and I appreciate every syllable! You're talented and generous, and willing to take huge creative risks (like dipping into the digital pool!) with your work. I greatly respect your training and opinion and always look forward to hearing from you. Now, in keeping with the season: You're a good egg, Lynette!

  6. Hi, George, and welcome to Art166!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. You're the second viewer to comment that the coils look like breakfast rolls; I don't eat breakfast, so I guess I'm just out of the loop on these things! I can tell you that I had to stand in a field crawling with grasshoppers and dotted with gopher holes to get that shot! Talk about suffering for your art!

  7. W.J., digital is one of the newest mediums in art and I think it is just taking off and going towards a great future. Your works are beautiful!
    Hey Mr. Troll, why don't you go back under your bridge and eat a goat, you obviously have no eye for art and shouldn't even be commenting on it as it shows your ingnorance. :)

  8. Thanks for the support, Lynette. No worries, though, the troll doesn't bug me. People are what they are, and it takes all kinds . . .

  9. Ewww dodge guts! I've just had my breakfast.
    Actually your amazing, how you turn the ordinary and possibley boring, into interesting, dynamic and beautiful images. I like dodge depths a lot.

    And I didn't know cows could be that scary!!! Don't have nightmares!

  10. I like your sense of humour and story about the cows, yes really spooky LOL!

  11. Hey W.J. I looked at the Troll's blog and he says that if he doesn't say the "F" word on your blog that means your blog is a success LOL!!! Your blog is 'rockin' and I can't wait to see more of your extraordinary works! :)

  12. Great shots :) Imagine the difference what the wrong turn can do to a phototrip :p Been there, done that :D
    Thanks for your kind words in my blog. It's always appreciated :D

  13. Hey, Snoo!

    I was really pleased with the way "Dodge Depths" turned out, too! Glad you like it! I wanted to shoot from a higher POV, but the truck is really high, and no way was I gonna climb on the bumber while I was holding the camera! I'm accident-prone enough even at the best of times!

    Snoo said:
    "how you turn the ordinary and possibly boring,"

    I say:
    See, now that's my point. Things can't be boring, only people can! If I choose not to live in a boring world, I'm required to see things in a non-boring way! I just didn't know how to share that until I bought my first good camera! That changed everything!

    I'm some kind of freak of nature -- who's never bored!

  14. Welcome, Jafabrit! It's always great to see a new face here! I'm glad you enjoyed your stopover. Humor and stories, we've got plenty of! Cows --- not so much!

  15. Hey, Lynette!

    What does it say about a person when success is measured by whether or not they use the "f" word? Eeeeewww . . .

  16. Hi, Christa!

    Thanks for the comment! We specialize in "wrong turns" on our trips! Wouldn't be any fun, otherwise!

    I really did enjoy browing your site. Thanks, again!

  17. Hi there! wow, gone for a couple of days, and look what I missed... W.J- I was tagged today- I'll tag you, but didn't know if you joined in the reindeer games as this is a mostly business blog. either way, no hurt feelings!! it's over at my place...

  18. Welcome back, Karen! Hope you had a nice visit!

    Sure, I'll play; anyone visiting Art166 has already figured out that I may be a little . . . different, so why not?

    I've gotta type up a resume for my brother-in-law, but I'll play, after.

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